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Imagine a world, where modern Blockchain Technology collides with old school logistics, to guarantee you a parcel delivery in under one hour.

Anonybox is a Blockchain based and crowdsourced online logistics platform focussing on simplifying Supply Chain Management. We offer diversified P2P like logistics solutions for Business to Consumer, Business to Business and Consumer to Consumer markets by making the platform free to use and developing APIs for participating Businesses.
Due to our Peer-to-Peer like structure, Anonybox is giving logistics back to the people by paving the way for a self regulating and fair price policy for couriers, consumers and businesses.

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The Last Mile

From the beginning of big logistics there has always been one big problem. The Last Mile. As big logistics enterprises don't have the capacity or skillset to act quickly and agile and tackle that problem our mission is to solve this problem once and for all.

Our goal is to tackle the Last Mile in a crowdsourced and secure way using a Peer-to-Peer like trust-less approach similar to Uber and Foodora. By merging many upcoming technologies such as the Smart Contracts of the IOTA Tangle, the IoT sensors of many mobile devices (Bluetooth, GPS, Internet connectivity, QR-Code processing) and Artificial Intelligence for our Neural Network Assisted Routing Algorithms (NASR) we can offer a complete one-stop solution regarding the problem of the Last Mile in modern logistics.



The IOTA Tangle Network is a revolutionary new blockless distributed ledger which is scalable, lightweight and for the first time ever makes it possible to transfer value without any fees.

We utilize this new technology to provide a quantum proof ledger for our costumers and transactions of value without any fees. This allows us to quickly have a low-cost international running system with a transaction speed most Blockchains can't reach.

Self-Executing Contracts

Also known as Smart Contracts are virtual self-executing contractual clauses which can make use of a Multi-Signature, making them much more secure and drastically cheaper than traditional contractual clauses.

We integrate these Self-Executing Contracts in our Delivery Process to capture the general conditions of the delivery and the self-executing parameters, while also implementing userfriendly QR-Codes which automate the signature processes and pave the way for hassle-free deliveries.

AI & Quantum Computing

We are currently working on our own Inhouse Routing Solution for our couriers, best described as Neural Network Assisted Smart Routing (NASR). Using a genesis routing algorithm and neural networks to always improve on this algorithm.

If our capital allows this in the near future, we will be able to rent a specialized Quantum Computer to further improve on our Inhouse Routing in a shorter amount of time, as we will be able to calculate multiple routes at the same time.


Kadir Bacak

Kadir Bacak

CEO & Co-Founder

Benjamin Reichardt

Benjamin Reichardt

CFO & Co-Founder

Cenk Kuscu

Cenk Kuscu

CTO & Co-Founder


Digital Hub Bonn

Digital Hub Bonn

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services




Why is Anonybox needed right now?

As most logistics corporates concentrate their efforts and resources on international shipments in the Supply Chain, they tend to neglect local Micro-Logistics. Especially the Last Mile and courier wages are affected by this.

We fill in this gap and want to solve the Last Mile problem once and for all by crowdsourcing local deliveries from inner-city Micro-Hubs. With our automated system you can get a delivery in under an hour and even to your device.

How does society benefit from Anonybox?

Currently most of the small local retail businesses are crumbling, because of massive online retailers and their ability to underprice products. Big retail chain stores on the other hand can't compete with shipping costs.

Anonybox allows retailers of any size to offer their goods online, where people can shop online locally. By having the comfort of locally shopping online our system allows even the smallest retailers to flourish and the taxes to stay local.

Is the IOTA Tangle Network necessary?

As we deal with a lot of fast paced transactions and massive amounts of sensoric data, it is necessary for us to use a system built to provide us with the features we need to accomplish our services.

Using a sophistiated blockless and quantum proof ledger like the IOTA Tangle Network comes with a plethora of advantages for both the users of Anonybox and ourselves. The most important ones being price, speed and security.


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